Aruba Taxi Service

Are you looking for a cheap and reliable taxi service on Aruba? Aruba Taxi Service offers you the best taxi’s in Aruba for an affordable price. With our taxi service, we offer Aruba Airport transfers, Aruba hotel transfers or an easy pickup after a night out. Get ready for a worry-free vacation thanks to our Aruba Taxi Service.

we facilitate with our taxi

The taxi rates in Aruba

Aruba Taxi Service offers affordable taxi rates you just can’t pass up. The Aruba taxi fares can vary quite a bit, depending on the service you choose. We make sure to offer the same fair prices everytime. 

Important side note: Our Aruba cab fares are 20% cheaper than the standard Aruba taxi rates!

What car will pick you up?

Of course, it’s very important to know what car you can expect at your pick-up location. Keep an eye out for a brown Hyunday H1 with a license plate that starts with the letter ‘O’

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Why should you use Aruba Ariba as your taxi service?

We obviously know there are plenty of taxi’s in Aruba you can choose. So why would you choose our Aruba taxi company?

First of all, we offer the most competitive prices on the island. With an average price of 20% less than other taxi services on Aruba we make sure you can keep your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Second, our friendly driver knows the island of Aruba like the inside of his pockets. In addition, he is familiar with all the beautiful places the island has to offer. So you actually get, in addition to a nice driver, an experienced guide for next to nothing!

Useful information about the taxi

Ordering a cab in a different country can be quite scary. Luckily for you, we know all about the customs related to booking a cab in Aruba. Below you will find some useful tips to relieve some of the stress while ordering a taxi. 

  •   How can I pay for a taxi in Aruba?

You can pay in cash with Dollars or Florins. Do you want to use a credit card? Our Aruba taxi also accepts credit cards such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Revolut.

  •   Is it customary to tip?

In Aruba, it’s customary to tip the driver for his services. Taxi drivers in Aruba are very dependent on tips of the people they drive around. Usually, the tips are around 15% of the total fares. In our case, you will still be better off than at most cab services on Aruba, because of our inexpensive fares. Of course, our taxi chauffeur will be kind to you, no matter the tip you give!

  •   How many travelers can the taxi pick up?

We have room for 9 passengers, not including the driver

  •   Which phone number can we call in case we want to change something?

+297 730 1100

  •   Is the cab wheelchair-friendly

Unfortunately our cab isn’t able to drive wheelchair bounded travelers.

Aruba taxi from the airport and other places

The most the route our cab takes is from the airport to the various hotels on the island and back again. After a long flight, how nice is it to be able to get straight into a cab to go to your hotel?

That’s why our taxi service on Aruba offers a cab service from and to the airport of Aruba. Our taxi service to Aruba is the most economical service available, so don't miss your opportunity!


How much does a taxi cost in Aruba?
Our taxi fares are the cheapest fares you will find on the island. We offer te same fair prices everytime. Our Aruba cab fares are 20% cheaper than the standard Aruba taxi rates!
How do you call a taxi in Aruba?
You can call us on +297 730 1100 to order a cab
Are taxis in Aruba expensive?
The prices of Aruban taxi services vary quite a bit. That’s why we decided to offer a transparent, fair and affordable cab price.